How Often Should You Visit The Dentist?

The dentist – who likes to go to see them? Nobody is the answer! But you have to admit, that we need them. We need them for the protection of our mouth, for the safety of our teeth and to keep our dental hygiene at its best. So this brings the question: how often should we visit the dentist? When should we book an appointment to see our local dentist or to get orthodontist services in Cranbourne? We did the research, and we come up with the answers for you – just keep reading to find out! 

When You Have Tooth Pain

The most obvious reason when it comes going to the dentist is when you are facing any pain or problems in your teeth. Now, one-off pain isn’t going to be an issue, but if you are facing constant sharp and severe pain, then you should be booking in an appointment. The longer you leave it, the worse it can get and the more problems you can face down the line. There is no “often” when it comes to tooth pain, there is only the here and now when it comes to any tooth pain or problems. 

Or Pain In Your Mouth

Sometimes pain in your teeth isn’t a factor when going to your doctor. You could be suffering from pain in your mouth – and that can lead you to go! We are talking about the likes of bleeding gums, sensitive gums (from your nostrils) and jaw pain. These are some key reasons on why you should be looking to visit a dentist, so don’t risk any pain or problems in your mouth when you can get yourself checked out. 

At Least Once To Twice A Year…

But forget all the other stuff that happens on the spot, you should be looking towards scheduling in one to two dentist appointments a year. Regularly getting your teeth checked will help you ensure that any cavities that arise or any issues that might be developing in your mouth are looked at, worked on and guaranteed not to have problems again in the future. Try doing it at least one month into the new year and again in September-October, before the heavy holiday period. Best times of years to check your teeth. 

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