Ayurveda for everyone

Being a complete system, Ayurveda is everlasting and it doesn’t need any change in application. Ayurveda is the most ancient and the mother of all healing systems prevailed in the universe. It is individually specific and teaches that each individual is a unique proportion of three humors or thridoshas. Hence ayurvedic treatment and medicines are decided only after considering symptoms of the patient, place where he belongs to (geographical area), natural strength, time or season when patient is having consultation, digestive capacity, body constitution and age. Ayurveda considers each of these factors critical in the successful medical intervention of a patient. Indian head massage in Melbourne is a vital belonging to the ayurvedic sect.

Ayurveda considers six tastes- sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent. Taste is perceived by tongue. Each of these tastes may be predominant in medicinal plants, minerals and food. Each taste contains two basic constituents or elements in higher quantity. For example, sweet material contains water and earth in higher levels and that is the reason why the habit of excessive sweet intake causes weight gain, or increased Kapha.

Ayurvedic principles say sweet, sour and salty materials cause reduction or alleviation of Vata dosha similarly other tastes have an effect on other two humors such as Pitta and Kapha. After the assessment of symptoms and dosha involved, physician suggests medicines and food with required tastes to correct imbalance of humors or doshas.


According to Ayurveda, the occurrence of hot flashes can be calle the Pitta or fire disorder. It makes the women feel like they’re on fire, and in fact, as the theory is written, there is an excess of the fire element in a pitta type body as a part of the division under the ayurvedic body types. They can deal with it using various methods. Ayurveda by Ayurwoman is one such method.

As a woman experiences various disorders during menopause too, apart from heatflashes, other common heat signs during menopause are insomnia, irritability, and dryness. To help women cope with this, a lot of natural menopause treatment remedies have been introduced. Ayurveda says to cool the fire experienced during menopause,  one should switch to a diet that pacifies the body type Pitta. It recommends that you avoid spicy, greasy and acidic foods like tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilly, red wine, sour oranges and grapefruits, fried foods, and also white sugar.

Regulate your diet in a manner that it includes cooling foods like cucumbers, mint, cilantro, coconut, watermelon, fennel, legumes, fresh dairy products and leafy greens. Do not forget exercise. It is, as always, an important part. Opt for those forms of exercise which are again nourishing and not too heating such as swimming or yoga.

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